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Residential & Commercial Solutions

We offer comprehensive, custom solar solutions to meet specific electricity needs. We aim to provide the best quality of products at the best price.

AXON Pakistan uses the original equipment for all its Residential & Commercial projects, with complete transparency & commitment.

Solutions to Match Your Need

We employ A-grade branded equipment in the core components i.e. inverters and panels as well as the supporting equipment such as premium copper cables, genuine branded breakers, high-grade structure, sound civil-works and accessories. Using an efficient design and sound quality genuine components is extremely important in order to ensure the best return on investment and to minimize the life-cycle cost of the system. Many naive buyers tend to focus on the upfront price quote only and ignore the very important fact that low-quality non-genuine component products and in-efficient design will result in great losses that will render their investment to bear very little fruit and may compromise their safety.

Currently the market is rampant with dis-honest practices where the sellers use non-genuine copied panels, cables, breakers, low-grade structures, flimsy civil-works and accessories as well as poor and in-efficient designs in order to enhance their margins fraudulently and secure orders by giving lower quotes. In this over-whelming environment, we are trying our level best to educate the customer to ensure that they are able to get the most efficient design, genuine and quality components in order to secure the fruits of their investment.

Finally we have some leading power sector experts on our advisory panel along with some seasoned industry experts in our full-time team. Hence we have strong expertise in system-design, system-installation, net-metering services, and after-sales services Alhamdulillah.

Customer Needs:

We strive our best to understand our customers’ needs and the intricacies of the electric power problems faced by them and partner with them to come up with the best suited solutions. We aim to form long-term strategic partnerships with our customers and be a one-stop-shop for all their solar power needs. While doing this we constantly envision a de-carbonized, sustainable, and clean environment for our future generations in-shaa’Allah.

Strategic Linkages:

We focus on building strategic linkages with leading technology vendors across the globe as well as locally in order to come up with the most innovative solutions.

Team Work:

We believe that after Allah’s Mercy people are our most precious asset and we strive hard to foster a culture where team-work, collective-wisdom, reflection, and continuous improvement with a very strong respect for every individual are ensured. And we put our trust in Allah the Most High, with whose Mercy all difficulties are made easy, to help us to do the best.

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